Bayou Living’s Mardi Gras Magazine New Rules and Release Date 2019


This year, we’re shaking things up a bit with our annual Mardi Gras Special Edition! We will be releasing the issue at the Mardi Gras Southwest meeting on April 9 at 6 p.m. At the same time, we will announce the winners of our Mardi Gras Parade contest.

Your floats will be judged as follows:

Public Entertainment (eye contact, smiling, good spirits), Best in Appearance (overall float decorations and Krewe spirit), Music and Dancing (overall Krewe enjoyment of the music and dancing while interacting with the public), Apparel (the overall Krewe dressing in unison or in costume), and last but not least, The Booty (the loot being thrown, such as beads, candy, etc.). The scoring system will be on a 1-10 ratio (as used in beauty pageants and such). Only Krewes that are in the magazine will be judged for the prizes in all five categories. We will have first, second and third place winners. The Krewe who scores the most points among all five categories will win First Place overall, and their King and Queen will be on next year’s cover. We will also have an overall runner-up as well!

Heads-Up on Judge’s Locations

There will be three out-of-town judges along the parade route. You will know two of the judge’s locations and I myself will be a tie-breaker, just in case there is one! The incognito judge will be located towards the end of the parade route on the west side of Ryan street. Two judges will be located within a block of or right by Vows by Victoria on the East side of Ryan, and I will be on the west side of Ryan street at Daley’s Boxing Studio at the very beginning of the parade route. My kids will be there, so throw them something good mister!!

This will all be incorporated into our publication that will be released at the Mardi Gras of Southwest Louisiana’s April 9 meeting, which means that we will also be able to cover a lot more of SWLA’s Mardi Gras celebrations and have a total recap of the season!

We will also be photographing the Gumbo Cook-Off, Gala, and the Parade, so this will all go into the magazine as well! Before the magazine comes out, each participating Krewe will get their own WordPress article on our website and Facebook page to share on their social media.

Now, you’ll be able to sit back and relive the excitement that you experienced this season with our magazine. It will also give you more time for your ball images to make it into the magazine as well, if you’d like.

If your Krewe hasn’t entered yet, we will take last-minute entries before press up until March 15, but if you want to be part of the prizes, you must have submitted your article and payment before the Krewe of Krewes Parade on March 5. So, if you want to possibly be our next year’s cover, please contact me before the parade. After that, you can be in magazine but not be able to compete for awards.

You can find our Facebook page at Mardi Gras Magazine – Jambalaya New & Bayou Living @mardigrasmagazine and you can also find us at online. I can be contacted at (337) 348-2958, email: and on our Facebook page @mardigrasmagazine messenger.

Everyone please be safe and have a good time! Happy Mardi Gras!

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