Krewe des Voleurs Presents Let’s Get Gleauxing

Krewe des Voleurs Presents Let’s Get Gleauxing

Court 2019 Left – right Duke of Dis-Gleaux Heath Romero, Duchess of I heart Gleaux – Brooke Romero, King of Gleaux Fishin Russel Faulk, Queen of Let’s Gleaux Kylie Faulk, Duke of Five O’clock Somewhere Roderick Fontenot, Duchess of Cocktail Hour Gina McComb.

Krewe des Voleurs celebrated their 11th annual Mardi Gras Ball “Let’s Get Gleauxing.” The “Krewe of Thieves” was founded by David LaPoint and Todd “T-Cole” Younger based on the principals of good friends, good foo and good fun, with a little thievery mixed in.

Lt to Rt “Gleaux Geaux Girls” Jesters Darekkah, Stacie, Crystal, Stacy, Tammy, Ron-dah, Bobbie-Jo in front Mandi.

The first Royal couple of the evening were the Duke and Duchess of Dis-Gleaux, Heath and Brooke Romero. Duke “Come at Me Gleaux” Heath is a graduate of Grand Lake High School and is employed at Agrilectric Power as a maintenance mechanic. He enjoys his time outdoors: hunting, fishing or “gleauxing” on the golf course. Duchess “I Heart Gleaux” Brooke attended Lacassine High School, graduated from McNeese with a Bachelor’s in Business and is employed at Maplewood Industrial Services. She is a dedicated Astros fan and prides herself on watching every single Astros game. She enjoys the outdoors, especially walking her Bassett Hound Yuli.
This newly wedded Duke and Duchess gleauxed with the flow in their disco costumes and style, walking to Le Freak by Chic. They were so Le’ freaked-out when asked to serve on the 2019 Court.

The Duke and Duchess of “Gleaux Bar” were Roderick Fontenot and Gina McComb. This luminous duo can liven up any party walking to Shots – Lil Jon! Duke “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” Roderick was born, raised and resides in Iowa. He’s a single dad to Dalton, 20 and Tristan, 18. Employed at Lake City trucking, his favorite food is a greasy ole hamburger served with a cold beer. He enjoys country music, fishing, and basketball. He says the best things about Krewe des Voleurs are “the great people and camaraderie.” Duchess “Cocktail Hour” Gina was born, raised, and resides in the great city of Lake Charles with her four-legged friend, Buddy. She is a graduate of LaGrange High School and attended McNeese University. Her favorite color is green and she loves to party, enjoying trips to New Orleans, softball, a game of pool, or watching LSU and her Saints football. She loves her Krewe most when meeting old and new friends.

The 2019 Royal Highnesses of “Let’s Geaux ~ Gleaux fishin” were King Russel Faulk and Queen Kylie Faulk. King “Gleaux Fishing” Russel made his grand promenade in a custom mantle of a bass jumping out of the water for a dragonfly. Gleauxing Hook, Line and Sinker! He was born, raised, and resides in Sweet Lake – Grand Lake with his wife of five years, Queen Kylie, and their two children. Russel has worked at Little Pecan Island Club as a hunting and fishing guide for 10 years. This Cajun boy is the real deal! He loves fishing, Cajun music, boiling crawfish, and makes a mean rice and gravy.

Queen “Let’s Gleaux” Kylie was adorned with glow-in the dark make-up by Angela Hoff, owner of Haute Couture Salon and made her promenade in a custom mantle of her very own “gleauxing” flower garden with dragonfly hovering above. Born and raised in Lake Charles, the Queen attended LaGrange High School and McNeese University. She is an employee of Pedestal Bank, and has been a volunteer for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network for over 10 years. This “Gleauxing” couple are the proud parents of Payne, 14 and Kaydee, 9, along with their fur baby, Poppy. The Queen enjoys fishing, singing, and spending time with family and friends. This Louisiana girl’s favorite song is “Louisiana Lullaby,” but loves all music long as she has a drink in her hand and her King is spinning her around on the dance floor at a Fais-Do-Do!

Entertaining for the very first time together, the Krewe des Voleurs Jesters, “Misappropriations,” performed a dance line routine to various songs in glow-men suits for the Royal Court, members and guests.

Illustrious 2019 Ball Captain Chelle Rankin and Co-Captain Jeanne Wilson in their “gleauxing ‘60s and 70’s attire” made their way to the floor where they filled and raised their glasses for the traditional champagne toast to the new reigning Royal Court signifying the start of the 2019 Mardi Gras season. Next, the groovy cool Captains in peace, love, and psychedelic style led the “Gleaux Geaux Girls” Jesters in a crowd-pleasing skit full of dance and comedy leading into the Second Line stroll where members and guest joined the Royal Court on the black light-lit dance floor! A good time was passed by all!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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