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Mardi Gras 2019 wrapped up a whole new Mardi Gras experience for me! With many krewes inviting me to their Mardi Gras Ball’s I had to find some that fit into my schedule to attend. I had my first Ball experience attending the Krewe of Good Times ball in Sulphur at the West Cal Cam Event Center. In preparing for the ball I had to first find the perfect Mardi Gras Ball gown. I did so by going to Bayou a Dress for Less on Common Street in Lake Charles, where they bent over backwards to help me find the perfect dress … and I did. The dress made me feel much like Cinderella must have felt in her dress attending her first ball, I figured. It only took me one glance in the mirror to know it was the one!

Next, I actually took the step of going to a makeup artist for my evening’s makeup. I called up Shaunteal Blommers-Prejean for the full makeup experience. Shaunteal has recently been the makeup artist of New York Fashion Week and other national events. After getting your makeup done by her, you’ll know why she was chosen for these big events … she’s very detailed and patient, she is also great at finding your perfect look as well. I was very pleased with my results from our session. I also left there with the makeup she used in hand, (she carries her own line of makeup) and I’ve been using it since!

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I attended my first ball with my husband, Scott, and of course fashionably late, (things get hectic with 5 little ones at home when you are going out). We walked in as they were preparing to introduce the royalty. As luck would have it, we walk in the wrong doors and they spot light us. I scurried out of the spotlight as quickly as possible and had a good laugh about it later on! A good time was had by all, we made new friends and saw old ones that night. We left the ball around midnight and as luck would have it, without losing my glass slipper … but Scott lost a tray of sandwiches!
The very next weekend I had the opportunity to attend LaFamile’s Ball at the Civic Center in Lake Charles. This was a first-class experience and I enjoyed every second of it! The presentation was spectacular, and the entertainment was out of this world! Of course, I had to go find another gown at Bayou a Dress for Less … a girl can’t wear the same dress to a ball in the same year! Scott went to New Look Fashion, where they hooked him up with a tux that he could keep for less than renting one (just having to get a different vest this way).

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This year I’ve shaken things up with many changes to our magazine! Not only does the magazine come out after Mardi Gras, we have a blog post that comes out first. As everything is switching to the internet this is exciting to share the posts with your friends and family on your social medias. The blog posts can be done as early as you like prior to the release of the magazine, (I think most would get theirs in just after their ball). We will offer two different prices now, one for the magazine and blog post and one for just the blog post that will be cheaper and more affordable for krewes that have a hard time coming up with the cost for the magazine. The blog posts also allow you to include images in a slide show that can’t fit in the magazine, giving a much fuller picture of what your krewe is all about and the fun had during the year.

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We’ve also started giving out awards this year. We have 5 different categories that we judge on during the Krewe of Krewe parade. We have judges from out of town that aren’t affiliated with any of the krewes, judging from along the sidelines of the parade (this year located at Daley’s Gym due to a route change). All winners are announced in the magazine and awards will be handed out before the release of the magazine due to this … not to spoil the excitement of the award recipients. Our overall winner will get the following year’s magazine cover as the top prize.
I’d like to say congratulations to each and every one that took home an award this year and our top prize of the 2020 Mardi Gras Magazine cover. We are looking forward to expanding upon our awards to include monetary prizes for the 2020 Mardi Gras season, please stay tuned to our Facebook page for more information on this. Remember, only krewes that are part of the magazine and or blog posts will be included in our judging for consideration of the awards to make things fair.
We will also be announcing things throughout the year that pertain to Mardi Gras and the upcoming season. If you have an event or fund raiser you’d like to announce please contact us on Facebook messenger, we can help spread the word to make your event more successful.
Until the big 2020 Mardi Gras season is upon us, I hope you continue to let the good times roll … Laissez les bons temps rouler.

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