Magazine Release Date Announcement


We will be releasing our magazine on Tuesday, May 21st at 6pm. Place being the Mardi Gras Southwest Meeting this week! We will be giving awards out there shortly follow the meeting. All krewes that participated in the magazine should have a representative there to receive awards. Some krewes that didn’t participate did receive special recognition awards as well.

Awards given for:

Awards for Public Entertainment go to:

Awards for Best in Appearance go to:

Awards for Music & Dance:

Awards for Best Apparel: 

Awards for Best Booty:
Our Over all Winners:

Special Awards:

Who Thru the Loot:  

Act of Kindness: 

Biggest Beads: 

Best Hand Off Loot:

Best Shout Out to Mardi Gras Magazine:

Biggest Stuffed Animal: 

Best Light Show: 

Biggest Celebrity Ride Along:

Most Used Loot: 

Peoples Choice Award Votes:  

Hours M-F 9AM-7PM Weekends 12PM-4PM
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